Hamlin Apothecary's body butter is an all natural whipped body butter handmade in Harlem, USA. It is a combination of healing butters and oils infused with homeopathic botanicals. It is great for use on the entire body, hair and nails.

Captain James E. Hamlin

The brand was inspired by Hamlin Drugs, founded in Raleigh, N.C., by our founder's Great, Great Grandfather, Captain J.E. Hamlin, in 1904.  Captain Hamlin served his customers with "a horse and buggy, waxed mustache and a smile."  We strive to offer all of my customers the level of service and quality of products that Hamlin Drugs offered its customers for over 100 years.

We source all of our ingredients with care as we've always believed that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies.  Our products are create in micro batches to insure quality and concentration of botanical infusion as well as aromatherapeutic properties.   

Mommy owned, made and operated with love.

Our Founder

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Terri Freeman is a fashion industry veteran and award-winning designer who has worked for almost 20 years in both design and styling/costume design capacities. She has worked with brands as varied as Tommy Hilfiger and Ben Sherman to Tommy Bahama and Lucky Brand and has styled artists and entertainers, shows and blockbuster movies. Outside of this career in fashion, Terri has always been a natural food and body care proponent. She would scour local co-ops, farmers markets and health food stores for the best food, health and personal care products, testing hundreds of options and finding the best of the best.  During pregnancy she noticed that many of her favorite products were hiding toxins deep in their ingredient list. She didn’t want to use any of those toxic ingredients on her body when she was growing a child inside of her so she began researching raw ingredients that she could use to create her own products. After many rounds of experimentation and testing, Hamlin Apothecary’s body butter was born.


Brand Story